Western Views of Islam in Medieval and Early Modern Europe : Perception of Other

Frassetto, Michael, 1999
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Medienart Buch
ISBN 978-0-312-21891-1
Verfasser Frassetto, Michael Wikipedia
Blanks, David R. Wikipedia
Beteiligte Personen Mackaman, Molly [Gest.] Wikipedia
Systematik 410 - Islamische Geschichte - Allgem. Darstellungen
Schlagworte Islam, Mittelalter, Kreuzzüge, Osmanen, Sarazenen, Aragon, Glossa Ordinaria, Christentum - Islam, Modernes Europa, Historiographie
Verlag St. Martin's Press
Ort New York
Jahr 1999
Umfang 235 S.
Altersbeschränkung keine
Sprache englisch
Unselbstständige Werke Blanks, David R. - Western Views of Islam in the Premodern Period: A Brief History of Past Approaches
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Frassetto, Michael - The Image of the Saracen as Heretic in the Sermons of Ademar of Chabannes
Tolan, John V. - Muslims as Pagan Idolaters in Chronicles of the First Crusade
Kagay, Donald J. - The Essential Enemy: The Image of the Muslim as Adversary and Vassal in the Law and Literature of the Medieval Crown of Aragon
Samarrai, Alauddin - Arabs and Latins in the Middle Ages: Enemies, Partners, and Scholars
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Dulin-Mallory, Nina - "Seven trewe bataylis for Jesus Sake": The Long-Suffering Saracen Palomides
Allaire, Gloria - Noble Saracen or Muslim Enemy? The Changing Image of the Saracen in Late Medieval Italian Literature
Bisaha, Nancy - "New Barbarian" or Worthy Adversary? Humanist Constructs of the Ottoman Turks in Fifteenth-Century Italy
Vitkus, Daniel J. - Early Modern Orientalism: Representations of Islam in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Europe