Vincentiana : Our Apostolate in the Moslem World

Vincentiana, 1999
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Medienart Zeitschrift
Systematik 220 - Christlich-Islamischer Dialog (v. christl. Seite)
Schlagworte Türkei, Islam, Mission, Indonesien, Philippinen, Interreligiöser Dialog, Muslime, Vinzenz von Paul, Mohammed als Prophet, Albanien, Vinzentiner, Lazaristen, Vinzentinisches Treffen, Mozambique, Eritrea, Tunesien, Vinzentinische Gemeinschaft
Verlag Congregation of the Mission General Curia
Ort Rom
Jahr 1999
Umfang S. 219-387
Altersbeschränkung keine
Heft 4-5
Jahrgang 43
Zählung 4-5 / 1999, 43. Jg.
Reihe Vincentiana
Sprache englisch
Unselbstständige Werke Österreichische Provinz der Lazaristen - The Institute fo St. Justin de Jacobis. Catechumenate open also for persons coming from Islamic countries
Abimantrono, A. - The Church in a Moslem Environment in Indonesia.
Reksosusilo, S. - Testimony of an Academician among Moslem Academicians.
Martinez, Velo M. - The Experience of Islam in Mozambique.
Saad, M.-C. - Inculturation Taking Place: Experiences of the Daughters of Carity of the Near East Province. (Extracts from Testimonies)
Daughters of Charity - The Daughters of Charity in Albania
Mendoza, Fernandez - Chronicle of the Meeting
Mendoza, Fernandez - Homily at the Opening Mass
Sfeir, Nasrallah Pierre - Do not be afraid of those who kill the body. (Luke 12:4)
Bou Jaoude, Guitta - Welcoming Adress. Vincentian Session "Our Apostolate in the Moslem World"
Landousies, J. - Various Trends in Contemporary Islam
Nashabe, H. - How I, as a Believing and practicing Muslim, look at the Christian faith
Danjou, Yves - St. Vincent and the Islam.
Samir, Khalil - Monotheism and Trinity. The problems of God and Man and its inplications for life in our society.
Samir, Khalil - Is the Koran Revealed? Is Muhammad a Prophet? A Christian Point of View.
Platti, Emilio - Revelation and Inspiration in Christianity and Islam.
Akasheh, K. - Report on the Activities of the PCID. Relations with Muslims.
Ghattas, Stephanos II - Christian Missionary Involvement vis-a-vis Moslems in the Near East.
Kangler, Franz - Work of the Austrian Province in Turkey
Daughters of Charity - Islam in Britain.
Hastuti, A. Sri - Dialogue and Cooperation with moslems in Idonesia.
Manzano, N. - Christian-Muslim Relation in the Philippines. The Daughters of Charity Apostolate with Muslims.
Luzkas, L. - Christian-Moslem Relationship in Eritrea.
Daughters of Charity - The Daughters of Charity in Tunisia.
Landousies, J. - Conclusions
Mendoza, Fernandez - Words at the End of the Meeting.